Specialised Freight

Projects & Bulk Cargo

Bulk cargo and projects need special attention. We have a specialised team that handles all of our project shipments to ensure that the movement of your cargo runs as smoothly as possible. No project is too big or small from a single drill rig to an entire mine site we have moved projects like this internationally with minimal fuss.

Our project services include:

  • Project evaluation and consultancy
  • Project management
  • Logistics co-ordination
  • Transport compliance permits
  • Oversize and heavy haulage

The specialities below represent a small number of the projects we have experience dealing with:

Logs & Veneer

If you are moving logs or veneer internationally you know how complex the process can be and also know that not everyone understands the nuances of dealing with this type of commodity. We have over 10 years’ experience shipping logs and veneer in and out of Australia and fully understand the all-important Customs & Quarantine process and requirements.

Mining Equipment

We have extensive experience in moving mining equipment all over the world, from individual pieces of equipment to entire mine sites. Our history of moving mining equipment speaks for itself and can assist you with every step of the process including project planning, logistics and customs requirements.

Vehicles, Marine Vessels, Motorcycles, and Equipment

We can help you navigate the complex government requirements for shipping motorised vehicles and equipment including:

  • Preparation before shipping
  • Packing & protection
  • Customs requirements
  • Shipping & Insurance

Household Items & Personal Effects

They say the most stressful thing you will do in your life is move house… complicate that with government inspections and reporting, shipping line requirements and the wide variety of rules and regulations that must be adhered to and you might just consider starting over. We can take care of that hassle for you and help guide you through each step of the process with minimal fuss.

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