Sea container measures to protect against the Khapra Beetle – An update!

Phase 6A of the Khapra Beetle urgent actions will commence from 12 April 2021. Phase 6A will introduce mandatory offshore treatment requirements for target risk sea containers.

Implementation dates will be staggered and depend on the type of target risk container.

Target risk containers must be:

The target of these treatments is the container and not the goods/commodity being shipped within the container. This means that the container must be treated prior to packing, except if using methyl bromide fumigation.

Approved treatments

  • Methyl bromide fumigation
  • Heat treatment
  • Insecticide spray

Some of these target risk countries include:
• Afghanistan
• Benin
• Greece
• India
• Turkey

Note: Failure to comply with these requirements will result in export of the container upon arrival in Australia.

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