Police Seize 69kg of Illegal Drugs Concealed in Tea

More than $55 million worth of drugs have been seized, after 56 kilograms of methamphetamine and 13 kilograms of heroin were identified in a consignment of green tea and magnets from Thailand.

The Australian Federal Police has launched an investigation this week, after Australian Border Force (ABF) uncovered the illegal import.

ABF officers in Melbourne x-rayed a consignment containing 27 boxes of magnets and tea products sent via air cargo from Thailand on 19 February. The x-rays indicated anomalies and further examination identified substances that presumptively tested positive to methamphetamine and heroin.

If it reached Australian streets, this amount of methamphetamine could have been sold to approximately 560,000 people as street level deals, with a total estimated value of up to $50.4 million dollars. The heroin could have been sold to approximately 65,000 people as street level deals with a total estimated street value of up to $5.5 million dollars.

Investigations remain ongoing and arrests are expected.

AFP Commander Raegan Stewart said the seizure demonstrated how drug smugglers used any product and method to import drugs into Australia.

Information and images sourced fromĀ here.