China Covid Crisis Continues

Friday 29/04/22

Mass testing is now underway in Beijing, the latest mega city to face to tough wrath of the country’s zero-Covid policy.

Port and hinterland snarl-ups across the world’s most populous nation are wreaking havoc for manufacturers and logisticians alike.

While Shanghai has been grabbing the most headlines for its near-month-long lockdown, similar municipal closures are widespread across the People’s Republic. Data from research company Gavekal Dragonomics shows that as of April 20 57 out of China’s top 100 cities ...

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Cargo Diversions from Shanghai Start to Clog-up Other Major Chinese Airports

Thursday 21/04/22

Airfreight diverted from lockdown-hit Shanghai Pudong (PVG) is clogging up China’s other major airports, causing a shortage of pallets for exports.Forwarders have singled out Zhengzhou Airport (CGO), in the central Henan province, as the hardest-hit, given the large amount of cargo diverted there from Shanghai.

Adding to the difficulties, Zhengzhou was itself began a two-week lockdown over the weekend that including the economic zone, with restrictions on travel and vehicle permits.

“It’s not a real lockdown, but more ...

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Harsh Reality of Shanghai’s Lockdown and The Supply Chain

Wednesday 20/04/22

Since March 27, authorities in Shanghai began a snap lockdown of the city’s roughly 26 million residents after a mass testing revealed “large scale” Covid-19 infections.

Since then, stories of desperate citizens struggling to find food have spawned rare protests in the city—and viral videos of residents screaming from their high-rise apartments to share their frustration. But despite the outrage, President Xi Jinping said last week that China’s zero-COVID policy “cannot be relaxed.”

That’s bad news for supply chains that are already feeling the stress of ...

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The Ever Forward Finally Free

Tuesday 19/04/22

At 7:12 Sunday morning, the Ever Forward was refloated after being stuck in the mud at Chesapeake Bay for more than a month. A high tide, along with a month’s worth of hard work – dredging around the ship and moving 505 containers – finally brought success, however, now the State of Maryland has asked Evergreen to establish a so-called responsibility fund to pay for costs related to the month-long grounding of the vessel.

William Doyle, ...

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Ever Forward Container Removal Operation Gets Underway

Wednesday 13/04/22

Container removal began Saturday as part of the Ever Forward boxship refloat operation in Chesapeake Bay.

The process – using barges alongside – will continue in daylight hours throughout this week with four to five containers being offloaded per hour in the complex operation. Approximately 550 containers are expected to be transferred.

The Ever Forward salvage operation began on March 13 after the 334 m long containership grounded in Chesapeake Bay near the Craighill Channel.

Sal Mercogliano, a maritime historian at Campbell University ...

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Shanghai Lockdown Causes Queues of Vessels Stuck Waiting to Enter China

Wednesday 13/04/22

Queues of vessels carrying raw materials have jumped after Shanghai initiated a city-wide lockdown at the end of last month to combat Covid-19. More than two weeks on, the congestion has expanded to nearby Ningbo-Zhoushan as ship-owners desperately divert ships to other ports in the country to avoid the trucker shortage and warehouse closures in Shanghai. 

There were 222 bulkers waiting off Shanghai as of April 11, 15% higher than a month earlier, according to Bloomberg shipping data. ...

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More than 1 Tonne of MDMA Seized, 6 Men Sentenced

Monday 11/04/22

The final member of a syndicate related to an importation of one tonne of MDMA into Sydney in 2020 has been sentenced by a Sydney court.

The 24-year-old Cabramatta West man was sentenced to seven years and six months’ imprisonment, with a non-parole period of three years and nine months, by the Downing District Court on 1 April 2022.

This sentencing brings the combined sentences of the six syndicate members to more than 26 years’ imprisonment.

The MDMA was seized after ...

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Tariffs on Russian and Belarusian Goods

Thursday 7/04/22

Following the Prime Ministers announcement of an additional 35% duty to apply to goods from Russia and Belarus Australia to impose tariff increases on all imports from Russia | Prime Minister of Australia (, the Australian Border Force published on the Federal Register of Legislation, a “Notice of intention to Propose Customs Tariff Alterations” Notice of Intention to Propose Customs Tariff Alterations (No. 3) 2022 (
Details of how the ...

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Easter / ANZAC Day Period – Stevedore Operating Hours

Wednesday 6/04/22

Stevedores working arrangements over the coming Easter / ANZAC Day period. Please see below links to view the hours and ensure to monitor the terminal websites for any late changes.

Patrick Terminals

DP World

Hutchison Ports – Sydney

Hutchison Ports – Brisbane

Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal

Victoria International Container Terminal

VICT Operating hours will not change over the Easter period. ...

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