Ever Forward Container Removal Operation Gets Underway

Container removal began Saturday as part of the Ever Forward boxship refloat operation in Chesapeake Bay.

The process – using barges alongside – will continue in daylight hours throughout this week with four to five containers being offloaded per hour in the complex operation. Approximately 550 containers are expected to be transferred.

The Ever Forward salvage operation began on March 13 after the 334 m long containership grounded in Chesapeake Bay near the Craighill Channel.

Sal Mercogliano, a maritime historian at Campbell University in North Carolina, who has been watching the Ever Forward accident closely, suggested in a video update last month that the Evergreen ship was exceeding the recommended speed, doing 13 knots as it slipped out of the main navigation corridor, the Craighill Channel, and grounded.

After two attempts to shift the 12,000 teu Ever Forward from the muddy sea floor off Baltimore failed, the US Coast Guard decided last week the best strategy is to lighten the load. By the time the ship will have been freed, likely six or seven days from now, it will have been grounded for more than a month.

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