Changes to Khapra Beetle Measures

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has issued Industry Advice 163-2021 advising changes to khapra beetle measures.

What’s changed?

Exclusions list 

The exclusion list for high-risk plant products on the khapra beetle urgent actions webpage has been updated. The exclusions list of high-risk plant products is relevant to Phases 1 to 3 and Phase 6A part 1. 

The updated exclusions list of high-risk plant products is available here

The following plant products exported on or after 2 August 2021 are no longer considered high-risk:

  • Commercially prepared and packaged goods that have been thermally processed so that the nature of the material has been transformed from their original raw form.
  • Goods that are commercially milled or ground to a powder, meal or flakes and packaged in bags less than 25kg.
    Note: these goods do not require mandatory treatment from khapra beetle target risk countries but commercial consignments will require a phytosanitary certificate verifying freedom from khapra beetle.
  • Breakfast cereals, instant cereal beverage mixes, couscous meal mixes and snack foods that are commercially prepared and retail packaged. *
  • Bakery and bread mixes (including whole seeds) that are commercially prepared and retail packaged. *
  • Commercially prepared and packaged herbal teas, with or without seeds (including loose leaf and tea bags).

*  An imported good is considered retail packaged if it has been commercially prepared and packaged overseas and is in a final state that requires no further processing, packaging or labelling prior to sale or use in Australia.

Note: The exclusion list for other risk plant products has also been updated. However, this list only applies to Phase 4 of the urgent actions which has been placed on hold.

Provisional alternative treatment options

The purpose of this notification is to advise stakeholders of provisional alternative treatment options available for high-risk plant products under Phase 3 of the khapra beetle urgent actions.  

Phase 3 of the urgent actions will commence in September 2021. It will introduce mandatory offshore treatment using an approved option for high-risk plant products exported from a khapra beetle target risk country, via all commercial air and sea pathways. 

Approved treatment options are heat treatment and methyl bromide fumigation. It is recognised these options are not feasible for some products. As such, the Department has considered alternative treatment options, including modified atmosphere treatments.

There is a document on the Departments website detailing alternative treatment options available for high-risk plant products. These options are provisional measures only. Provisional measures are subject to change as further data and information becomes available.

You can find the document here

Image sourced from Plant Health Australia

Importers and treatment providers interested in using modified atmosphere treatments are encouraged to register their interest via email: