Australian Trusted Trader

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Reducing red tape for Trusted Traders at the border, improving certainty in export markets, and expediting the flow of cargo in and out of Australia.

If you are an importer, exporter, service provider, active in the international supply chain for 2 years, financially solvent, and have an Australian Business Number you might be eligible!

As an Australian Trusted Trader, you can access benefits to save your business time and money.

What you get:

  • Account manager
  • Priority processing
  • Priority treatment of goods at the border
  • A seat at the table and exclusive invitations
  • Use of logo
  • Mutual recognition arrangements
  • Data reports
  • Simpler TSS visa process
  • Easier access to APEC business travel card
  • Consolidated cargo clearance
  • Consolidated cargo reporting
  • Australian Government partnerships
  • Duty deferral
  • Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) origin advance ruling
  • Origin waiver

It’s free to apply! To find out more go HERE.

Administered by Home Affairs with the Australian Border Force, Trusted Trader is free and accredits Australian businesses with compliant trade practices and a secure supply chain.