American Airlines Suspends Australian Cargo and Passenger Flights for 2 Months

American Airlines (AA) has announced the suspension of passenger and cargo flights into Australia for the months of September and October, below is the notice from the airline.

“Dear Agents

You are no doubt aware that American Airlines announced in July they would be suspending their passenger flights into Australia for a period of 2 months effective 01 September. This decision was a result of the reduced passenger capacity into Australia due to Covid-19 and the removal of flight crew wage subsidies in the US.

Despite our very successful cargo-only operation, the opening of borders in the Northern Hemisphere has seen a redeployment of wide body aircraft into flying passenger routes. This upsurge in tourism has seen an unprecedented demand for wide body passenger aircraft into regions normally serviced by narrow body planes.

This is encouraging news for passengers in countries not affected by Covid lockdown, however the impact on the American Airlines cargo operations is a reduction of available wide body aircraft to support cargo-only flying.

Our American Airlines Cargo senior management team have been working with fleet scheduling to secure an aircraft for the Australian market since the announcement to suspend flights was made, but unfortunately they were unable to secure an aircraft for September and October.

These suspensions are on a rolling basis and are being reviewed monthly, we will get at least 4 weeks notice prior to resumption of services.

GSA Cargo Services, with the assistance of American Airlines, are seeking to secure interline space into our extensive network to allow for some limited ongoing support to your business. We will update further on this as the situation unfolds.

We thank you for your continued support, and we are hopeful we can welcome you back on-board in November 2021.


Donna Mayne